Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Did AMG Pay For Mitt's Strong Showing in Tennessee?

Today, the feisty Cyndi Roy, Communications Director of the Mass Democratic Party jumped all over a story in today's Globe which claimed that supporters of Governor Mitt Romney paid the expenses of delegates to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference this past weekend. From the Globe:

Roughly 200 Romney backers camped out at the Marriott hotel in Memphis, and some had all expenses paid. One of the financiers was John Kingston, general counsel of AMG Inc., a Beverly investment management firm. AMG is run by Sean Healey, the husband of Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey, Romney's most prominent ally.
Now to be sure, there were some people who voted for Romney in the poll without being paid, some of whom reportedly wore black and orange T-Shirts bearing the slogan "The left's worst nightmare -- the religious right for Romney." Still, it's a little disturbing how tightly wrapped around AMG the state Republican party is -- funding Romney's 2008 election, Healey's 2006 election, and at the reigns at party headquarters. Of course, there's no reason to worry. AMG wouldn't do anything unethical. Would they?