Monday, October 03, 2005

Zogby: Mitt's Getting Creamed

The Wall Street Journal has the latest Zogby Interactive poll numbers on the MA gubernatorial race, among many others. Governor Romney is getting creamed by all challengers, and in particular Attorney General Tom Reilly is beating Mitt by over twenty points. Here are the results:

Tom Reilly57.9%
Mitt Romney34.1%
Bill Galvin55.1%
Mitt Romney35%
Deval Patrick53.8%
Mitt Romney35.2%

Via Kos, who cautions that with Zogby's interactive polls respondents are self-selected and conducted over the Internet. Kos also seems to think that this is an outlier for Massachusetts, but Zogby's September results are in line with their own August results. If anything, this points to a flawed methodology on the part of Zogby, and not just a misleading dataset.