Monday, March 21, 2005

Political Tidbits

Gang of Three Comeback: The Boston Herald reports that the Mass GOP is bringing back their 'Gang of Three' campaign theme from 2002 -- but with a new cast of characters. It's kind of sad, really, because not only is their theme recycled, but only 1/3 of their original gang (Tom Finneran, Robert Travaglini and Shannon O'Brien) is still in office. In any case, this is just further evidence that Romney is going to try to run an outsider's campaign as a sitting governor -- if he even runs at all.

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast: Missing from the Globe and Herald coverage of the annual St. Patrick's Day political breakfast in South Boston yesterday was that Secretary of State Bill Galvin and mayoral candidate and Boston City Councillor Maura Hennigan both completely and utterly bombed. To be fair, I missed Attorney General Tom Reilly's speech so I don't know how he was recieved. Still, Hennigan and Galvin should stay away from cracking jokes if they hope to win the 2005 mayoral and 2006 gubernatorial races, respectively.

Cellucci's Done: Despite speculation that he was interested in a Senate seat, had John Kerry won the presidency in 2004, the Globe is reporting that Paul Cellucci is through with politics. The former governor is dissolving his political campaign committee and donating his entire warchest to Massachusetts charities following his appointment as executive vice president for Magna Entertainment Corp. Strike one more name off of the potential replacements for Romney, should he step down.

Deval Patrick in Newton: Presumptive gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick will be speaking about the erosion of civil rights and civil liberties tonight at the Yamawaki Center at Lasell College in Newton, courtesy of the Newton DCC.