Monday, March 14, 2005

Another Day, Another Smear Campaign

Fred Clarkson has a report this morning about an Anti-gay smear campaign brought to us by the ever-shrill Article 8 Alliance. It seems that they are targeting the 12th Suffolk District, the former seat of ex-Speaker-for-Life Tom Finneran, with this flyer. Fred gives us these choice quotes:

"Kerby Roberson," according to the flyer, "is willing to protect our children from the homosexual fanatics in our public schools;" and "will vote to stop homosexual marriage, no matter what the powerful politicians say."

The fear-mongering flyer asks: "Do you want a State Representative who SUPPORTS pushing homosexuality on your children in the public schools? Or a Rep. who will vote to stop it?"
Then follows a long list of supposed cases where someone affiliated with a school did something that acknowledged that homosexual people exist. Apparently that is what "pushing homosexuality" means. The pamphlet also has two pictures: one of two women in wedding gowns, and the other of a man kissing another man. They actually look kind of happy and goodness knows that the most offensive thing in the world to the Article 8 Alliance is a happy gay person.

The alliance produced a similar flier last November in Somerville, smearing openly gay candidate Carl Sciortino, causing a backlash that some say helped Sciortino win the primary. With the primary tomorrow, however, news of this smear campaign may not get out until after the election has finished.

Speaking of tomorrow's election, Democracy for Massachusetts is looking for volunteers in support of their slate of progressive candidates. I am not affiliated with that particular group, though I did meet briefly with a member (who, to my surprise, is also a reader) at the DCA day on Saturday. While I have refrained from endorsing any particular candidate, I think it would be a shame if the progressive candidates split the vote allowing these seats to stay in conservative hands. I would encourage anyone with extra time who cares about progressive issues to help get out the vote today and tomorrow.