Friday, March 30, 2007

Special Election Roundup

While I've focused a lot of my attention on the special election to replace Marty Meehan -- which has yet to be scheduled -- there are also three special elections for the legislature which are happening in next few months. I've talked about some of them before, but I thought I would put some links to information in a single post.

14th Worcester Rep District

As reported here, Jim O'Day won the March 20th Democratic Primary and now faces unenrolled candidate (and former Democrat) Joseph Cariglia, the owner of JC Auto Sales in Worcester. Cariglia has vowed to re-enroll as a Democrat after the election, should he win the April 17th general election.

11th Norfolk Rep District

I've been neglecting the race to replace Rep Bob Coughlin, who resigned to take an economic development position in the Patrick Administration, largely because there has been great coverage of the race in places like DedhamBlog and myDedham, both of which have video of the latest debate.

The April 17th primary features Doug Obey, who ran unsuccessfuly against Senator Marian Walsh last November and Bill McKinney, a former MDC Commissioner for Mitt Romney on the Republican side. The Democratic candidates are Stephen Bilafer, a former aide to Attorney General Tom Reilly; Dedham Town Meeting Member Thomas Boncek; Dedham School Committee member Joanne Flatley; and Cheryl Schoenfeld, the Chairman of the Precinct Chairs in Dedham. The winner of each of those primaries will face Paul McMurtry, the owner of the Dedham Community Theatre, in the general election on May 15th. As I understand it, of these candidates Bilafer, Flatley and Shoenfeld would vote against the marriage ban at the next ConCon -- not sure about the others.

1st Suffolk and Middlesex Senate District

The race to replace former Senate president Robert Travaglini is shaping up to be a contest between Democrats Revere City Councillor Dan Rizzo and Rep. Anthony Petruccelli and Winthrop Councillor at large Phil Boncore, who is apparently running as an independent. Cambridge City Councilor and state Rep Tim Toomey had expressed interest in the race, but announced that he is not running. Petruccelli has the backing of Boston Mayor Tom Menino and has earned the ire of Howie Carr, so he must be doing something right. The field will be set on April 17th when petitions are due to City Hall. Right now, I'd predict a low turnout for the primary on May 29, which is the day after Memorial Day. The general election for this race will be June 26.