Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Patrick Town Meeting Tour Continues in Worcester

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette has the story of yesterday's latest Town Meeting with Governor Deval Patrick, this one at South High Community School in Worcester. The article describes it as a cross between a "political rally and a revival church service," which sounds very similar to the meeting I attended on Saturday. The story also includes this nugget:

Paul G. Kosky, chairman of the Auburn School Building Committee and a 50-year member of the Republican Party, said he could save thousands of dollars by moving out of Massachusetts. He cited a property tax bill up from $1,726 seven years ago to $3,850 now; a $2,700 heating bill, and a $23,527 annual health insurance bill.

But he said that he spoke to Mr. Murray and state Sen. Edward M. Augustus Jr., D-Worcester, during last year’s primary, and said he’d vowed to change his party registration if they would do what they said they would. With that, he strode up to Mr. Murray last night and placed a slip of pink paper in the lieutenant governor’s hand showing that he was no longer a registered Republican.
Also in the Telegram & Gazette, Kenneth Moynihan has a column on the potential of Patrick's new website. While others focus on the system's bugs or the rankings of the top issues, Moynihan seems to be the only one I've read who gets why Patrick opened his site up in the first place.

Update: User WorcP has a firsthand account from the event at Blue Mass Group.