Friday, February 09, 2007

Who's Running in District C?

Today's Watertown Tab has some speculation on who might replace Stephen Romanelli on the town council as he vacates his District C seat at the end of the year. I feel like his retirement has been rumored for some time, and the list of potential replacements that the Tab has come up with matches what I've been hearing. There's former town at-large councilors Susan Falkoff and Sandra Hoffman, former Council President Pam Piantadosi, Republican Town Committee chair Steve Aylward, and last fall's failed candidate for state Rep Keith Mercurio. My hunch is that the race will look different after the signatures are collected than it does now, and it will be interesting to see how it shakes out once everyone makes their decisions. One thing, though, that I noticed in the article bothered me. Apparently, Keith Mercurio is planning to move to Belmont:

[R]enovating his grandfather's home in Belmont for the past two years has become a labor of love for Mercurio, and the ultimate elimination factor if he follows through with purchasing and moving into the home.

"[Living there] would very sadly put me outside the district," he said. "If not for that, I would very much like to run for that seat."
Now, I don't begrudge anyone their choice of house, but don't you think that his potential move outside of town would have been pertinent information for us to have when he ran for the statehouse last fall? I don't remember seeing any "By the way, I might move to my dreamhouse in Belmont" in any of the literature I got from his campaign.