Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Romney Fatigued By Self-Promotion

The Boston Phoenix's David Bernstein has a link to former Governor Mitt Romney's official presidential announcement. Frankly, after four years of Romney's act here in Massachusetts, I'm tired of the guy, but I just couldn't resist commenting on the snippet Bernstein excerpted in his blog.

Apparently Romney wants to bring innovation and transformation to government, because "We are weary of the bickering and bombast, fatigued by the posturing and self-promotion" of politics.
This from the guy who signed last year's health care law -- along with a bunch of rubes -- in a carefully choreographed ceremony at Faneuil Hall.

Perhaps he forgot about the fancy tokens he commissioned with his name on both sides and an emblazoned "LXX" -- for the 70th Governor of the Commonwealth.

I also seem to remember a glossy 24 page "progress report" -- paid for by his campaign -- that he put out in 2005 in the Boston Globe. There were three different pictures of him on the front cover of that, and eleven of them on the last page, including my favorite.

The guy who once told the Boston Globe "from now on it's me, me, me" after every one of his hand-picked legislative candidates lost in 2004 is sick of self promotion. Frankly, so am I. Good riddance.