Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Romney Vs. France

Ahh, Frenchie. Is there no right wing shtick you won't pander to? Governor Romney has predictably joined the chorus of anti-France sentiment coming from neoconservatives, as the Globe reports. Mitt's greater point -- that America must improve it's commitment to education or risk falling behind in the global economy -- is valid, but his gratuitous dig at the country he spent so many of his formative years in seems like typical Romney posturing. The Boston Phoenix's Adam Reilly has a few words of advice for the governor regarding his newfound Francophobia:

Tread carefully, Mitt! After all, France made you the man you are today. Remember the Vietnam War? Not firsthand, since you spent most of 1966, ’67, and ’68 as a Mormon missionary (complete with draft deferment) in the land of Napoleon and de Gaulle. That horrific car crash that nearly took your life near Bordeaux, when the Citro├źn you were driving collided with a drunk driver coming the other way — it’s not a pleasant memory. But it taught you a valuable lesson; as you told the Herald a few years ago, "It underscores the fragile nature of life — we are here but a short time and gone." Plus, there’s something spine-tingling messianic about the fact that the gendarme on the scene actually wrote "il est mort" on your passport. How cool is that?