Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mass GOP Exporting Dollars

What is the Massachusetts Republican State Congressional Committee doing hiring an Iowa-based political consultant? According to the Boston Globe, they gave $15,000 to one Mr. Gentry Collins, a former executive director of the Iowa Republican Party. As I've mentioned before, the purpose of the MRSCC, which is a Federal PAC, is to support Republican candidates for Congress in Massachusetts. On that front, they have managed to spend a total of $385 in the past three election cycles (according to Open Secrets) on actual candidates. If that's the kind of support that Republican candidates for Congress can expect, it's no wonder that the state GOP is having trouble recruiting or that they're 0 for 10 in Massachusetts House seats.

Matthew Wylie, the Executive Director of the Mass GOP, uses the excuse that the state Republicans are just trying to learn about Iowa's "great grass-roots effort" from Collins and they certainly would never dream about trying to buy support for Governor Mitt Romney for his potential 2008 presidential campaign in the state with the first caucus. I guess I shouldn't complain, though if the state GOP wants to use their own campaign funds as Romney's own personal campaign piggy bank before he announced his own run for the Presidency. After all, every dollar that the MRSCC spends in Iowa is a dollar that the Mass Dems don't have to spend defending the Congressional delegation, which is a dollar that can go to winning back the corner office.