Monday, September 26, 2005

Governor Shecky

It seems that Governor Romney's Massachusetts bashing has made the national press. The Washington Post has noticed what we in Massachusetts have been talking about for a long time now:

For months, this blue-state governor has been pitching himself to conservatives in a way that campaign experts say is highly unusual -- perhaps even historic. Instead of talking about his home state with the usual lip-quivering pride, Romney uses it like a vaudeville comic would use his mother-in-law: as a laugh line.
The article also has this quote, unattributed but probably from Romney mouthpiece Julie Teer:
As far as the presidency goes, a spokeswoman described Romney's current status this way: "He's testing the waters. It's not a full-time testing of the waters."
So, it seems that Romney is now a part-time Governor and part-time professional water tester. At least his people are willing to admit it now.

Via Universal Hub, Fred and my mole in DC.