Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Deval's Blog Blitz Continues

On Saturday, gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick continued his blog blitz, giving a wide ranging interview to the Progressive Blog's Charlie Gallo. Patrick talks about the war, taxes, higher education, the death penalty and more. If you've been following the Patrick campaign closely, he doesn't break much new ground, but I still have to respect him for bringing bloggers into the conversation. As an underdog candidate, he can afford to try new ways of getting people interested in his campaign and we in the Massachusetts progressive blogosphere are better off (or at least better informed) for it.

That's not to say that Patrick is ignoring traditional media. He was on NECN's News Night with Jim Braude again a few days ago, where he spoke mostly about Attorney General Tom Reilly's recent decision to certify the marriage ban initiative and the response to Hurricane Katrina. You can check out the video from Newsnight's webpage here, or go directly to the video here (I think).

And if you really can't get enough of Deval Patrick, he's having an open house at his campaign headquarters in Charlestown this Saturday. If you're interested in volunteering, this may be a good chance to look before you leap, so to speak.