Monday, May 16, 2005

Enough With the Controversy

I just got through watching tonight's Greater Boston and former State Senator Warren Tolman was on, along with other guests, talking about the weekend's convention. When the discussion turned, predictably, to marriage rights, he said something which bears repeating:

And the gay marriage issue ... I don't think anyone really cared about it after, you know. We had a discussion -- actually there was more discussion in the papers about it, there was hardly any discussion at the convention. One delegate asked me as we walked out, "did we do anything on gay marriage?" It was a non-issue. And most people ... are more concerned about auto-insurance and health care and things that matter to them than gay marriage.
Can we stop with all the news coverage saying the Democrats got together for the purpose of approving gay marriage now? Not only was it not a divisive issue at the convention, but there was not even any debate on it.