Monday, April 18, 2005

Not Worth the Price

I had heard that Governor Romney's book Turnaround was 'fairly awful' but I didn't realize that it sold so poorly he needed to give it away to unsuspecting Utahns:

Nearly 1,000 people attended Romney's later speech, all of them invited guests and customers of Zions Bank. All took home a copy of Romney's book, "Turnaround: Crisis, Leadership and the Olympic Games." The 377-page book chronicles Romney's rescue of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee and the 2002 Olympic Winter Games from the brink of scandal and financial ruin.

Zions bought the books from Romney in lieu of paying him a speaker's fee.
The above was taken from a Globe article detailing yet another one of Mitt's trips out of state, this time a return trip to Utah. It's too bad, seeing as he missed a beautiful Patriot's Day here in Massachusetts. Almost like clockwork now, when public sector employees have a three day weekend, Romney can be found out of state, stumping in front of Republican true believers. How can the governor claim to be promoting Massachusetts when, at the same time, he's clamoring to get out of here as soon as the five o'clock whistle blows?