Wednesday, September 17, 2008

29th Middlesex Unofficial Results

Here are the unofficial results for the 29th Middlesex district election -- all write ins.

  Watertown Cambridge Total %
Steve Corbett 298 20 318 5.8%
Julia Fahey 1555 563 2118 38.8%
Jon Hecht 2152 854 3006 55.1%
Josh Weisbuch 9 1 10 0.2%

Jon Hecht wins both communities convincingly -- by a wide enough margin that a recount should not be necessary. I hope to have some more to say about this shortly.

It also looks like the Republicans could not scrounge up 150 votes to get a challenger on the ballot for the general, so unless someone wants to wage an even bigger sticker campaign, Jon will be our next State Representative (in General Court).

Congratulations to Jon!