Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mass Dems Chair Cheers Lamont

The Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman Phil Johnston released the following statement today:

"I congratulate Ned Lamont on his win and encourage all Massachusetts Democrats to support him. It's clear from the vote yesterday in Connecticut that the voters this year want to go in a new direction.

That bodes well for Democrats in Massachusetts and around the country. As state chairman, I will be encouraging Democratic Party activists and contributors in Massachusetts to support Ned Lamont in the general election.

It is crucial that we do everything possible to elect members of Congress who will fight Bush/Cheney's misguided international and domestic policies during the last two years of their administration."
I'm not sure why the chairman of the Massachusetts Democrats feels he has to weigh in on a Connecticut race, but it does bring up an interesting question. Does the ban in the Mass. Dems charter on endorsing non-Democratic candidates apply to out of state races? Will any MA party officials face sanctions at the next convention should they weigh in on the Connecticut race in Lieberman's favor? I haven't looked at the language carefully enough to know the answer.