Monday, June 13, 2005

Light Reading

Here are a couple of articles and blog posts that I found interested and wanted to point out. Enjoy!

Yesterday's Globe had a profile of Michael Murphy, the political consultant who claimed that Governor Romney is 'faking' his position on abortion. Of course Murphy says that all this talk of Romney for President isn't going to hamper Mitt's potential re-election plans, but then again Murphy is paid to make his client look good.

Willard's Waffle File: The Mass Democrats have compiled a sampling of Governor Romney's now infamous turnarounds. None of these wavering positions should be a surprise to either longtime reader of this blog, but it's good to see them all in the same place.

Herald Columnist and talk radio blowhard Howie Carr is becoming obsessed with the fact that Attorney General Tom Reilly and family rents their apartment. Way to stick to the real issues of the campaign, Howie. Don't you have a Bulger to hassle or something?

David Eisenthal has a great post responding to Jeff Jacoby's timely column about slavery reparations. In addition, he's engaging David Young, regarding Young's nearsighted op/ed on Prop 2 1/2 overrides. Read David's piece here, and Young's response here.